Apr 30, 2005

di and i are trying to figure out what we want to do for our honeymoon. we're definitely not going on a cruise, though. it's just a little too....cheesy. i also got quite a laugh out of all those whiney cruisers who were on the boat that got hit two weeks ago by a huge ocean wave. people on cnn were acting like the cruise line HAD PLANNED FOR THE BOAT TO GET HIT!!!! I mean, this ain't enron, people. it' s not like the friggin boat captain was drunk at the wheel (at least we don't know of anything like that). thankfully the black list puts it all in perspective for us:

"I understand that we are all very sensitive to the idea of waves taller than three feet these days, thanks to the tsunami of last December, but do we really have so little to talk about on the news that some waves battering a cruise ship that did NOT involve any casualties NOR more than four injuries actually achieves that status of major headline? Where was all the high tech equipment that should have warned the crew about the impending doom? Or were they all too busy circle-jerking their sailor selves to notice that a massive storm was on the way? And why, with reports of people having to swim for their lives, are we presented with footage of the event where there is no more than two inches of flooding -- New Yorkers without access to suburban private swimming pools know that counts as a puddle and not an opportunity to practice your breast stroke. And here's the clincher: Reports say that passengers huddled together in the hallway wearing life vests while the ship served FREE DRINKS!!! That is not an emergency -- that is a free party. It happened on their way back from vacation, so no fun in the sun was lost, and all passengers received a refund. Free cruise, a good story to share with friends, and a night of free drinking ... sounds like a good way to welcome spring."

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