Jan 24, 2006

jay and i brewed on saturday, our first brew session since december. each beer takes approximately 6 weeks from brew day until each bottle is ready for consumption, so it requires some planning ahead and managing of the schedle. (click on the "da brewery" link on the right for more info. and notes about our various beers). anyway, this beer we're doing now is going to be a belgian-style white ale, similar to hoegaarden or allagash white... it's actually a wheat beer that uses a belgian yeast strain, coriander and bitter orange peel. it should have a nice "clovey" spicey flavor, velvety body and cloudy yellowish "white" appearance. the eventual goal with this beer is to build a nice yeast cake so that we can brew a high-gravity belgian ale for our next batch in a few weeks. we're excited. here's a movie jay made of our belgian white ale... notice the extremely active fermentation.

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