Apr 7, 2006

behind the supreme court curtains
it's a well-known fact that the supreme court is highly secretive. media people are kept at arms length. thankfully the great book " America (The Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction" features the disturbing firsthand account of what goes on there written down by an attorney named Brian Hicks: "All I know is, everybody is fucking. Everybody. It was nine heads and 36 tangled limbs intertwined in a writhing, whirling dervish of group sex. Some guy, a clerk I can only assume, was twanging a sitar off to teh side. Once in a while Scalia would break off from the orgy to cut hunks off a giant brick of hash with a Bowie knife. Then he remounted Ginsburg."

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Anonymous said...

Well, now we know. That is not a pleasant visual image.