Apr 18, 2007

Where have I been?

I've really been slacking lately... I know. Life has been a bit hectic lately. Mrs. T-L and I are starting to prepare ourselves for the big move to Atlanta. We still have three months to go here in Olde Neuwe England, but the trek south is imminent. Also, my job here in Boston has taken an interesting turn lately: My boss has me now doing some copy editing work instead of just archiving. It's all very exciting, but leaves me little time for blogging.

hat I have been spending my precious time on is job hunting. Here's a particularly "interesting" job ad I stumbled upon today:

Do you like to spend your days bouncing off the walls with smart people? Do you have so many ideas that you oftentimes feel like sticking your head in a paint can and shaking it out on a blank canvas? Are you fabulous?

If you just thought to yourself, How did they know? then you may want to consider [name omitted to protect the guilty], the countrys [sic] largest and most experienced creative advertising agency of its kind, offering more than 30 years of service in retail and direct-response catalog services.

I am fabulous. Somebody give me a job! Wait, that's what fabulous means now? Oh, never mind.

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Daniel said...

One of my Friends on EbonyFriends said that it's hard to say sth about one's life, because each one has his or her own life style. I agree with him.