Aug 2, 2007

Where I'm at

I really do apologize for the lack of posting lately, but there's been so much change lately that I've barely had any time for blogging. Two weeks ago Dionne and I bought our first home: A condo in Atlanta. It's very exciting. The place costs us far less than we would have ever found a home for in Rhode Island, and I'm getting settled into my new job while Dionne prepares to start her ph.d program in a couple weeks.

The move was crazy and back-breaking. I flew back to R.I. last thursday, we packed the truck up all day Friday, had dinner and drinks with friends for one last time Friday night and then hit the road early Saturday with all of our belongings packed up.

We got into town Sunday and, with the generous help of family and friends here, we unloaded the truck in an hour or two.

That's when the real work began! We needed some new furniture, a new washer and dryer, new blinds and curtains and paint on the bathroom walls. Plus about 30 other little projects that we've barely even started. Plus the condo was piled high with boxes everywhere.

Luckily we've gotten quite a bit done over the past few days and are now starting to make some progress. The place is great... two bedrooms, two and half baths, new appliances, a deck, a community with a pool and tennis court, etc. Here's the picture of our new home:

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