Feb 26, 2008

The Worst Hotel in the World

I love tripadvisor, I really do. The site gives you reviews mostly of hotels and resorts from everyday travelers who might or might not be sane human beings. (Usually, they're reasonable but sometimes you end up taking some of the reviewers with a grain of salt.)

Well anyway, Mrs. T-L and I are taking our first real vacation together in a while next week. We are gonna be spending a few days in Savannah, Charleston and at Hunting Island State Park (where we're gonna do some camping). I think we're staying in some really nice places.

Well at least we're not staying in what I think might be the official World's Worst Hotel, the President Inn in Washington, D.C. Here are a few excerpts from the traveler reviews:

  • More Like The President Crack Den
  • upon my departure I noticed small red bumps all over my body
  • It was so bad, that I actually want to see the building getting bulldozed.
  • I have backpacked around the world, ranging from South America to Asia and this was by far the worst place ever.
  • he receptionists are nice, but at night time they are protected behind bullet proof glass (while you're left to fend for yourself).
  • The lobby entrance has thick bullet resistant plexiglass surrounding the reception area.
  • a variety of interesting stains of unknown origin thoroughout the room
  • There is razor wire around the property. It is across from a run-down liquor store and next to four railroad tracks.

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