May 29, 2008

That's On Point: The Web Site: John Bullspit

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That's On Point: The Web Site: John Bullspit

That's On Point talks about today's England v. U.S.A. friendly at Wembley. There's some good stuff in there about how U.S. fans continue to fawn over England's football heritage, even though other countries have long since caught up to it and its national teams is perennially underperforming.

I agree. It is a problem. And it's exactly why the U.S. Soccer Federation should be turning in the direction of Latin America, rather than Europe. (Playing in the Copa America last year was a nice step). Hispanics are the fastest-growing ethnic group in America. They love footie. (I seem them every single day in the park in my neighborhood). Why not try to "Latin-ize" the American game with the kind of intensity that players and fans in Mexico and Argentina bring to the sport. For one, you could have started by hiring Jose Pekerman instead of Bob Bradley as U.S. manager.

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