Nov 2, 2008

Demo ride: Triumph Speed Triple

So I managed to go for a quick joy ride today and decided to stop by the local Triumph dealership, where they were having Triumph demo rides all weekend long. I pretty much had my choice of bikes today so I decided to test ride the Triumph Speed Triple. It's a "naked" sportbike with a 1050 cc triple-cylinder engine. First thing I noticed is that these things look absolutely SICK in person. Mine was a nice burnt orange color. The exhaust, cool black alloy wheels and exhaust are just sooooo cool looking. Then I got on and started revving it up. The Triumph people were very cool about and didn't mind at all. The sound from that engine was great... kind of a nice throaty rumble to it. So nice. We went on an 18-mile loop and got to rev the bikes up a bit. That Triumph engine just would not stop accelerating. In fact, I'd say I only tested maybe 25% of its true ability. Wow, what a sweet machine.

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