Dec 29, 2008

The shag van

Forget beach houses and plasma TVs, a real player needs this. Check out a few pics. I think the airburshed Star Wars mural is good, but the interior covered entirely in shag carpet is FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(If the Craiglist link goes dead, this was an actual custom van for sale on the Dallas CL.)


Anonymous said...

how do I vote on Who Do You Most Want to Punch in The Face?

My Vote: Tim Russert

from Renee at Phillips Flagship

Anonymous said...

Peter Jennings.

I want to most punch Peter Jennings.

ProblemWithCaring said...

My granddaddy had a shag-a-licious van like this when we were kiddies. He was this big time patriarch of our very, very, large family and all I can remember was that the van had a doorbell shaped like a pink breast and nipple.

I was like 5 year old and was thrilled that granddaddy had a doorbell shaped like a "titty" and that everyone pretended didn't exist.