Mar 15, 2010

In-text advertising

If you're a website publisher, you really need to check out a new service called Sintext. They do in-text advertising, but specialize in "adult-oriented" ads. Basically that means you can get big-time revenues without having to put up a bunch of banner ads all over your site.

innovative in-text advertising products maximize your website's profit potential and give you the highest payouts in the industry! Sintext provides two types of in-text advertising solutions: traditional in-text keyword ads and our unique MicroBanner™ logo ads. Our MicroBanner™ ads have higher conversion rates than conventional online banner ads, which translates to enormous new revenue for YOU.

Here's some info about it from their website:

What products will Sintext advertise on my site?

Sintext understands the needs of website publishers. That's why we give YOU the ability to control what types of in-text advertisements you wish to place on your website.

Sintext advertisers fit into four major categories:

  • Adult Products and Novelties
  • Alcoholic Beverages and Brands
  • Tobacco, Smoke, and/or Grow Supplies
  • Gaming and Firearm Related

As a member of the Sintext Publisher Network, you can determine which ad categories and niches you want to allow on your website. While Sintext does specialize in adult advertising niches, we do monitor and enforce strict quality standards among our advertisers.

What is a MicroBanner™?

The MicroBanner™ logo ad is Sintext's own unique internet advertising product that generates higher conversion rates for in-text advertisements. Unlike existing in-text advertising products that simply use underlined hyperlinks, Sintext embeds the advertiser's logo directly into the website publisher's content. The advantages are obvious. MicroBanners™ are so eye-catching that they convert at nine times the rate of typical online ads! That means more revenue for website publishers like you. And unlike conventional in-text ads, MicroBanners™ provide an exciting and stylish feel to text-heavy websites. MicroBanners™ don't produce visual clutter like traditional ads do, so user experiences are positive.

What kinds of websites can join Sintext's Publisher Network?

No matter how big or small your website is, you can join Sintext's Publisher Network today and start making money! Unlike some other advertising companies, InTopic has no minimum traffic requirements, no fees and no long-term commitments, so even the smallest websites can join. (We do require that Publishers meet a few requirements, go here to view them.) We're actively seeking personal, professional, and group blogs; forums, message boards, adult websites, poker websites, gaming websites and social networking sites. As long as your site contains a small amount of text, you can start earning revenue NOW!

Will Sintext ads affect my site's look and feel?

We know how much you care about your site's user experience. That's why Sintext publishers like you appreciate the non-intrusive look and feel of our ads. Sintext's MicroBanner™ and keyword ads are a fresh and stylish way to generate ad revenue without adding clutter. The visual impact of our ads will give your site a more exciting feel than conventional banner or text ads. In-text advertising from Sintext is completely user-initiated, which gives web users a strong sense of engagement with our ads. Best of all, Sintext's technology allows you, the publisher, to retain complete control of your content. You now have the freedom to mix different types of advertising on your site or generate revenue without using banner/pop-up ads at all. It's your call!

How do I put Sintext's ads on my website?

Sintext's Publisher Network is incredibly easy to join. In just minutes our online registration process will set up your account! And once you're a member of the network, you'll have access to your Sintext Client Dashboard, where you can easily track your site's ad results and get instant usage reports. We also offer two convenient payment delivery methods and numerous ad placement options so that you the publisher are always in control!
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