Jun 26, 2005

the first tactic that american zionists and likudniks use against those who oppose the israeli apartheid in palestine is to accuse those who criticize israel of anti-semitism. that's what makes the recent critique of israeli occupation by israel's version of walter cronkite so devastating.

"Yavin has been the calm, objective face of Israeli news, the anchor of Channel 1's broadcast since the founding of the Israeli television in 1968.

known as 'Mr. TV,' Yavin is to deliver a documentary about the Jewish settlements in the West Bank expressing his pessimism and anger.

'Since 1967, we have been brutal conquerors, occupiers, suppressing another people,' Yavin says in 'Yoman Masa,' or 'Diary of a Journey,' which he filmed over the past two and a half years with a hand-held video camera in the West Bank and Gaza. In the documentary, Yavin addresses settlers, Palestinians and soldiers."

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