Jun 2, 2007

People don't just visit, they move out here

Those are the words of Jermaine Dupri in the classic "Welcome to Atlanta" remix. Well, in our case, that's definitely true. Thing are moving forward quickly for Di and I. I spent my first week at my new job, learning about the place and getting settled in.

This new job is at a much smaller company than anywhere else I've ever worked and there are a lot of things different about it. For instance, the president of the company has his own blog and we're all expected to read it first thing in the morning. It's actually kind of a good way for him to let everyone know what he's thinking. We also post comments on the blog that sorta lay out a few of the things we'll be working that day.

For those who don't know, my job involves editing and writing for a monthly business newspaper/magazine. It's focused on a county in the Atlanta area, which happens to be one of, if not THE most booming parts of the region. It's nice because the paper is only three years old, which means the president wants me to look at ways of improving the product and how we can branch out, tighten up the print edition and just take advantage of new ideas and a fresh perspective. It's very cool. The president, who hired me, seems to have a very strong personality and lots of charisma. It's definitely not the kind of job where he says one thing and you do another. His word is gospel, but he's obviously very willing to listen to his employees, compliment them and do nice things for them. I think the arrangement will work very well.

Perhaps the biggest cloud hanging over my head, though, is on the housing front. I'm staying with Di's sister right now who's extremely gracious for having me, but our plan is to buy a condo down here this summer and get moved in sometime next month. It should be exciting. Of course, it's also incredibly stressful. We're tying to stay within our budget and avoid paying a big mortgage on our first home. Still, it should be enough for us to get a small 2-bedroom townhouse in a decent neighborhood. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

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