Jun 10, 2007

Argggggh, David Chase!

In case you've been under a rock, The Sopranos finale was tonight. Luckily my sis-in-law Simone has the Hibbo, so I could watch it. Unfortunately, the show is written by David Chase, a complete wanker, who apparently decided that writers shouldn't, ya know, tie up loose ends in the plot and provide viewers with a sense of resolution. No, he had to get all abstract on us and present a completely ridiculous non-ending that allows the show to end without any of the big questions being answered.

I know writers and directors like to leave some questions unanswered, but a plot-driven show like this needs an ending. Not answering the big question of whether or not Tony was killed isn't creative or abstract... it's gutless and limp, and admits to viewers that the show's producer has lost all passion for the project. He wanted to kill off the show but apparently lacks the guts to kill of its hero.

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