Jul 2, 2007


I consider myself truly lucky to have done a fair amount of travel so far in my lifetime. I've visted many, many places in the northeastern U.S. (thanks to a father who flew the family around in a small plane, years of camping trips as a boy scout and later a wife who loves travelling as much as I do). I've also seen quite a bit of the southeastern U.S., Ontario, Quebec, a few great cities out west such as San Francisco (perhaps one of the greatest cities I'll ever see) and Denver and quite a bit of Western Europe: southern France, London, Amsterdam, Rome and Florence.

Now, I wouldn't turn down a return trip to the continent (Spain, Germany and Czech Republic would all be great), but where I really want to travel is South America. Maybe it's the sheer beauty of the place and the sheer exuberance that attracts me, but I think I better start taking spanish lesson. Ole!

Here's a great blog post I stumbled upon today that lists the top 18 skylines in the world. Only one, Sao Paolo, is from South America, but I've seen enough pictures of some other great Sudamericano skylines to know I need to experience these places before I die:




La Paz

And the most beautiful of all, Rio de Janeiro:

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