Dec 14, 2007

Saint Barry

The Rupert Murdoch-owned Weekly Standard, no friend of feel-good liberalism, has a cover story this week on St. Barack of Iowa. The story is a perfect illustration of one thing: If Barry is nominated the Democrats will roll into the White House. If they choose the other option, of nominating Hillary, welcome to right wing armageddon and a general election so unappealing, you'll wish we had a monarch.

Here's the deal: the Weekly Standard followed Obama around for a while during his Iowa campaign and noted a few things. First, he's incredibly good at staking positions that strike sensible compromises and limit alienating non-die-hards. Second, his supporters bring the passion that The Hills just can't. Third, the Iowa Caucus format favors a candidate who can win over second-choice voters whose original candidate was "nonviable."

The article had an incredible pro-Barry tone to it, which makes me wonder if a lot of Republican voters kinda deep down like the guy. Also, this line from the article cracked me up:

I spoke to a lawyer from Des Moines whose first choice is Dennis Kucinich. (We agreed that I would not use his name because, well, would you want your name used if you supported Dennis Kucinich?)

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