Jul 11, 2008

The asshole of the South

Di and I travelled to South Carolina twice recently. Once to Charleston (a very fun little city) and once to a state park (where we camped and went to the beach).

Both places were nice enough, and the people in Charleston were pleasant, but the rubes who make up the rest of the state are downright fugly. I should have known this when they spent the entire weekend staring at us like space aliens. (For those who don't know, she's black and I'm a 'Nilla/cracker/Altoid/honky.)

So I wasn't surprised that a campaign to attract gay tourists to South Shithole is being criticized by rightwing fucknuts.

Here's state Republican Sen. David Thomas:

“South Carolina is a wonderful, family friendly destination not a Southern version of San Francisco. This campaign goes against our core values.”

Of course, one of the Wonkette commenters pointed out that South Shithole also regularly produces stories like this one.

Some highlights:

- The victim's name is Tammy. (shocker!)
- The perp's name is Pooh Bear. (He also has two first names and is Tammy's son. Again, none of this should surprise us.)
- The perp supposedly urinated on his mother.
- Tammy then stabbed Pooh Bear six times. (This being S.C., Pooh is lucky he didn't get shot.)
- The following quote was uttered: "Why did you pee on me Pooh Bear? This was met with the reply from Pooh Bear of: "Mama you done stabbed me."
- The police didn't charge Tammy with assault

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Dionne said...

Did Leonard Washington guide your hand in writing this post?