Jul 2, 2008

Walnuts misses the train

I'm going to keep harping on how out-of-touch, and behind-a-few-steps John "Walnuts" McCain is. Don't get it twisted, the "Maverick" is really just a half-senile old bag of bones without an ounce of forward thinking.

Here's a nice smackdown of his record on Amtrak and rail transit. Walnuts thinks we can engineer emissions-free cars sooner and more efficiently than we can improve transportation options. What planet is he from?


Anonymous said...

Sure says something about what certain people think about the rest of the world, eh? I guess I slowly see the U.S. turning itself into a 'third world country' A classical, planet of the apes third world country. Ironic how Sci-Fi strikes a nerve.

Anonymous said...

Says something about the rest of the world, eh?

Strange how we are becoming a third world country.... a smart, armed third world country defined by a quickly dying middle class, an excess of poor people and a fat gloating rich upper class. Maybe we will soon be an apple republic since bananas won't grow here.