Aug 28, 2005

i happened to catch a few minutes of cable news tonight in the newsroom. everyone was working themselves up into a doomsday hurricane catastrophe. it was great. geraldo was on fox news spewing his usual geraldo stupidness. then my co-worker terry mentioned that they're predicting actual alligator infestation in new orleans in the aftermath of hurricane katrina. so here's my final geraldo death scene played out....
geraldo is "mediating" a talk show involving a gang of klansmen, the new orleans black panther party and a 10-foot urban alligator that's survived the last 48 hours by living off oil refinery bi-products
as soon as the chairs start flying and hit geraldo in the face, the 10-foot toxic chemical-burning alligator actually picks up a gun with its new opposable thumb and shoots geraldo in the ass.

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