Aug 19, 2005

jay and i got around to bottling our first batch of beer yesterday. it's a pale ale. i don't think it came out quite a good as we hoped, but it shoudl be MORE than drinkable in the end. the final gravity was a bit lower than we expected, which brought the final abv down to the 3.5% range, a little lower than we had hoped.

the color was a bit on the dark side, too, but not bad. it should turn into a nice orangeish/brownish beer. the clarity was actually pretty decent. i didn't see any coagulated funkiness floating around in there.

these beers will take about 2 weeks or so to condition in the bottle and self-carbonate (with the help of corn sugar we added).

we're already excited about doing batch #2. we're going to brew up a weizenbier (wheat beer). we may make it either a plain weizen or brew up a raspberry wheat beer.

i think we're realizing that we need a tiny bit more equipment... especially a racking cane and second carboy to allow us to do a secondary fermentation and get the beer off the dead yeast quicker while helping the final beer clarify.

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