Sep 16, 2005

slate has a story on where to hide from mother nature. it's a semi-scientific look at where in the u.s. you're least likely to be a victim of a natural disaster. rhode island is possibly the safest place in the entire country. yeah, we have much coastline, but the colder water is rarely hurricane prone. we dont' have earthquakes, tornadoes or volacanoes. the winters aren't bad enough for blizzards and we don't have any mountains... so no avalanches.

whew. what a relief. i can now go back to worrying about terrorism, gang violence, west nile virus, avian flu, shark attacks, ebola, gay marriage, road rage, workplace shooters, school shooters, "africanized" bees, dutch elm disease and being kidnapped by a pedophile.

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D said...

and the black people, don't forget the packs of them that roam the streets looking to cheat the welfare sytem or rob you at gun point