Sep 24, 2005

well, i finally got around to tasting batch #2. jay and i brewed it about three weeks ago. this time we brewed a weizenbier... a wheat ale. it didn't exactly come out as german versions like this....

but it did come out really well, probably even better than batch #1, which everyone who tried it seemed to like. The beer had a nice reddish, orange color and HUGE head. the flavor had slight tanginess from the wheat malt that we used. the hops this time around are hallertauer and tettnang, two german varieties that are nice and subdued. i think we probably should have used a liquid yeast strain specifically designed for the style, but that will come later. this time around we used safale s-33, a basic french-produced ale strain. it did it's job... actualy a little too well. we had krausen shoot up through the airlock on the first day of fermentation.

batch #3 is where we really step it up. jay and i are leaning toward doing a nice american-style IPA or maybe even barleywine. we're talking big malt backbone, assertive hops and high alcohol! more isn't ALWAYS better, but in this beer, it will be. we also went out and bought a second carboy, the glass jugs we ferment in. this will allow us to rack to secondary fermentation and improve the clarity of the beer.

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