Sep 27, 2005

you need gas. so stop whining. you'll head right back to the pump when the needle hits "E" again. so stop complaining about the price of gas. anyone else getting annoyed by all the moaning about this? yes, i do live in rhode island and have a daily commute of only 3 miles. too bad, suckers. but seriously, can't we americans just admit that our recent gas price shitstorm is just the latest bill arriving from a 50 year party that has gone on too long? for decades now our government has done EVERYTHING it could to encourage us to be slaves to automobiles. they've depleted cities out of economic viability. they've zoned walkable suburbs out of existence. they've artificially kept the price of petroleum down through massive government subsidies and low gas taxes, i could go on and on.

but the joy ride is about to end, folks. most mainstream oil experts are now predicting oil production to peak sometime in the next five years. once that happens, the oil we DO get will be more and more expensive to extract. so don't buy the hype when dubya the dumbass gets on tv and asks americans to conserve gasoline. the capitalist elites in this country have made sure long ago that you have no real alternative.

it's time for a new vision. it's time to stop foolishly cutting amtrak subsidies. it's time to require automakers sell only electric cars within the next 10 years. it's time to build nuclear power plants and invest FAR more money toward developing fusion power (which produces no nuclear waste). most importantly, it's time for us to admit that TIME IS UP.

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