Oct 11, 2007

Keeping up with the NY Times readers

I routinely get enjoyment out of looking at which stories are listed on the "Most Read" index on the NY Times homepage. The relative interest in the various stories reveals a lot about the kind of people who read The Times: they come off looking like anxiety-riddled, over-protective, upper-middle-class parents. Top concerns include ANYTHING to do with college admissions or pre-school admissions, any trend story involving parenting, any trend story involving money and any trend story involving Expensive Things Other Upper Middle Class People Like Me Might Be Buying.

Today the Times' top read was a story about how children's picky eating habits might be inherited from their parents. The story angle itself wasn't toooooo obnoxious, but you have to love this little paragraph:

Over in New Jersey, the Bakers changed their November family vacation to accommodate Sasha, an 11-year-old so averse to fruits and vegetables that the smell of orange juice once made him faint. Instead of flying to Prague, Sasha’s parents decided to go to Barcelona, where they hope the food will be more to his liking.
So poor little Sasha had to spend his summer traipsing around Catalonia instead of Bohemia? For shame! What kind of maniacal, overbearing parents reschedule their entire summer trip because the spoiled brat doesn't like a cup of o.j.?

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