Oct 2, 2007

Taco me

Some people might find this crazy, but some of us have a strange addiction to tracking down the best tacos in town. Now that I'm in Atlanta, home to about a million more Mexican immigrants than Rhode Island, I plan to explore as many taquerias as possible.

That's also the mission behind the ingenious blog called The Burrito Bracket. A Chicago blogger is running a tournament of Mexican food (burritos, as well as tacos and tortas).

I particulary enjoyed his (or her) take on just what it is that makes a truly great taco: corn tortillas (NEVER flour!), quality meat and a mixture of ciltantro and onions (never tomatoes, lettuce, etc.). Amen.

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Kristen said...

OMG... this is like a dream come true blog. When I come up to ATL, I will gladly take part in trying out as many Mexican restaurants as can be fit into a weekend. Tally has its fair share of authentic Mexican restaurants, and I pride myself on trying as many new ones as humanly possible.