Oct 31, 2007

Worth reading...

Here are some goodies around the web today:

  • I don't follow MLS much, preferring to watch La Liga and the UEFA Champions League much more, but SI has a chat with MLS Commissioner Don Garber. In it, Garber proves what a complete fucking idiot he is. It scares me that the future of U.S. professional soccer is in his hands. He appears to loathe the sport itself and completely discounts the way it's organized and funded in every other country it's played in.

  • Google is trying to get a bunch of software developers and social networking sites together to form a social networking "platform" that will take on Facebook. So far the NY Times mentions Salesforce, LinkedIn, Friendster (this still exists?), hi5, Oracle, etc. I kind of like this idea, in a way. The biggest problem I have with social networking sites is that they all feel too "flavor of the week." In other words, I wonder if two months after I sign up for one, all the cool kids will have found a new site to use, leaving the mouth-breathing masses behind. Some type of standard platform could conceivably allow, for example, LinkedIn users (business people, generally) to interact with Orkut users (Brazilians, generally). You get 15 or 20 smaller social networking sites to plug into a much larger universe and it might attract a lot of people who want flexiblity.

  • Rocks, paper, scissors -- the ultimate game of chance has a governing body. Enjoy pretending that random luck involves strategy. Make sure you read up on the 27 ridiculous "gambits."

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