Mar 11, 2008

Charleston and Savannah

Di and I went on vacation last week (it was her school's spring break), so we decided to take another of our famed road trips -- this time through the good ol' cities of Savannah and Charleston.

The trip was great. We stayed in nice places in both cities and really relaxed. We saw a bunch of great stuff: mansions, art galleries, Paula Deen's restaurant, a man with two hooks for hands, some of the best karaoke singers ever, some of the worst karaoke singers ever, enough fried chicken to kill a man, mint juleps, she-crab soup, a pirate, a slave market, a rooftop bar, cobblestone streets and most of the South Carolina countryside (on the drive home we took the straightest route back to Atlanta, which meant 80 straight miles of two-lane roads).

My brother (who turned 28 yesterday) gave me a tiny Flip camera for Christmas, which we made full use of. Here's some video. The first scenes are in Savannah, but the rest of it is us visiting the Aiken-Rhett House in Charleston and then wandering the streets.

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