Mar 27, 2008

Throw McCain under the train

According to this two week-old story about John McCain on the campaign trail, the old coot "travels Amtrak like everyone else."

"Nice to see you, nice to see you," McCain said to workers and passengers who greeted him on the 8 a.m. high-speed Acela Express train.
So while he's enjoying the convenience and service of inter-city train travel, he's also the one who nearly killed funding for improving the system and has positioned himself as a political enemy of Amtrak.
But Hutchison and pro-Amtrak Democrats Max Cleland of Georgia and John Kerry of Massachusetts had to settle for supporting roles Tuesday as McCain offered an unflattering history lesson about Amtrak, which runs two routes that cross Arizona. (Link)
Here's more on McCain's history of being anti-rail. Maybe next time Amtrak employees (or riders, for that matter) see him on the Acela they should remind him where he is.

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