Apr 4, 2008

Graphic design hell

Ever wonder exactly why foreign soccer logos tend to look so much cooler than American sports team designs? Take for instance, Gretna F.C., a small Scottish soccer club:

This design isn't necessarily "pretty" or cutting edge in any way. But it is just so tough and intimidating and cool looking. I'd be proud to be fan of that team.

Now compare that to the Atlanta Thrashers, an NHL hockey team:

It's cartoonish and corporate! It looks like it was designed without any input from fans and is about as generic a team logo as you could ever come up with. I'm sure there's some graphic designer who puts this on his resume ever day, but I can't help but prefer Gretna's logo, even if it's not cutting edge in any way. I wonder how many other sports fans would agree with me.

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