Apr 28, 2008

The leader they deserve

The Onion once described American politicians as "The leaders American deserve" -- meaning most voters are about half a chromosome away from bonobos. We claim to hate politicians, but we've seen the enemy... and it is us.

We're a hodgepodge of crackpots, liars, inveterate racists and wide-eyed cultists. We disdain science and foreigners. In short, we're a nation of people like Brenda Spreitzer, 42, of Indiana. Here's what Brenda told Newsweek when asked why she wouldn't vote for Obama:

"I think Barack's viewpoints and his past is too flamboyant. It's more radical than I want to go … I'm just not comfortable," she said, adding that she is concerned about Obama's practice of generally not wearing an American flag pin. (None of the candidates wear flag pins.) She has been researching Obama on the Internet and discovered that he wants to tear out the bowling alley in the White House (Obama has kiddingly said he wants to replace it with a basketball court). "That freaked me out because no matter if he bowls or not, it's a historic thing that should never be changed."

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ProblemWithCaring said...

It's sad satire - but ultimately - that's how I sleep at night.

Sure I work hard and support my candidate (like I encourage everyone to do), but at the end of the day, America is - and all three branches of our government are - posed to either turn towards the good solutions that will help reinstate America as a true moral leader to the benefit of the world or down a path of destruction of (AT LEAST) the representative democracy and perhaps the world as we know it.

We set the timer with the fraudelent election of GWB. We seal our fate on Nov. 8th 2008.

Either way, it would be hard to argue that we don't deserve it.