Apr 10, 2008

Leave the New York Times aloooooooone

OK. I've seriously got to stop picking apart the NY Times before I go completely nuts and start muttering to myself in public about tin foil hats and conspiracies involving the Sulzberger family. Ahem. Then I read this article about googlegangers, the people you see on Google with the same name as you.

Di, my lovely wife, periodically updates me on the life progress of a certain other Di who happens to be some kind of chemistry professor in Germany(!) This sort of serendipitous story could have made for a ton 'o fun if the Times wasn't such a bastion of soul-killing rectitude. Instead of just having fun with the story, they weigh it down with a few tons of quotes from social psychologists and communications theorists about What It All Means.

Also, I'm quite possibly the only person on the planet with my name. Should that make me feel superior on account of specialness or jealous like an only child? I can't decide.

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