Nov 6, 2005

jay and I got around to brewing on saturday. we had a great time. we had hoped to finally use liquid yeast for this batch, but liquid yeasts require a starter (basically a mini-fermentation that allows the yeast cells to propagate and increase the cell count before pitching onto the wort). a starter has to be done a day ahead of time, though, and jay and i were so hungry to brew saturday that we couldn't wait a day.

so anyway, we trucked up to woonsocket to check out blackstone valley brewing supplies, a local shop. we met the owner there and he was very helpful. we ended up making only a few small changes to the recipe i had come up with earlier.

"Joel's IPA" should come out to around 7% abv. we ended up using 7 lbs. malt and one pound honey for the fermentables. we also used a dry yeast called safale us-56, which is the dried version of the "chico" strain... essentially the same exact yeast used to make sierra nevada pale ale.

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