Nov 3, 2005

my boy jay and i haven't been able to brew at all lately, mainly since i've been so busy with the wedding/honeymoon/move. batch 1 was an english-style pale ale that came out pretty well. batch 2 was a wheat beer that came out really well. batch 3 will most likely be an india pale ale, a nice hoppy ale with, according to my calculations, 7.1% alcohol and 68 IBUs (international bitterness units, which basically measure hoppiness). here's the recipe i came up with. it might get tweaked, but hopefully we'll brew SOMETHING this weekend.

Batch 3 IPA

5 gallons

7.1% ABV

68 IBUs

original gravity 1.074

final gravity 1.019

8 lbs. light dry malt extract

1 lb. crystal malt (30L) steeped

1 tsp. irish moss (for clarity)

1 oz. centennial hops at 45 min.

1 oz. cascade hops at 30 min.

1 oz. liberty hops at 3 min.

Wyeast 1056/WLP001/US56 American ale yeast

primary fermentation 7-10 days

secondary fermentation 2-3 weeks for improved clarity

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