Nov 5, 2005


that's the signature call for my boy richie spice. richie's music has me hooked lately. he's a reggae singer who really mixes well the whole dancehall style with the roots reggae singing of bob. we jamaicans just refer to mr. marley as bob, by the way. for real, though, richie spice has this soulful element in his music that is SOOOOOO different from a lot of dancehall nowadays that seems to borrow more from american radio-friendly hip-hop. richie kinda remembers of some of the 80s singers who really kill me... barrington, super cat, yellowman. check out his song "youth are so cold." hard-edged political lyrics, smooth reggae keyboard riffs and an absolutely ass-rattling bass line. the kind that makes your car sound like it's about to crack in half like an egg. oh yes.

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