Feb 27, 2006

di and i are heading to san francisco in a little over a week. we can't wait. she has a week off for spring break and i'm taking vacation, so we can take our time out there and relax. di's never been to california... while i've been there twice, but not in the past five or six years. our hotel is in downtown san francisco, on the edge of a neighborhood called the tenderloin district. at first i thought that sounded like some kind of gentrified, bohemian yuppie-ish neighborhood, like the meatpacking district in new york. it turns out it's been called that since the 1800s because the cops who walked that beat were paid bonuses. with the extra dough, they could afford tenderloin steaks. so apparently it's a homeless and drug infested slum. yeah.
i'm not too worried, though. our hotel is in a fairly nice part of town and i've been told we'll be quite alright where we're staying.
once we're settled, we plan to do a few things:
- visit alcatraz
- ride a cable car
- take a wine country tour
- visit the city lights bookstore
- visit fisherman's wharf
- shop (this is dionne's "raison de voyager")
- visit berkley and sausalito
- take a tour of the anchor brewery
that last one is really my idea. shocker. i'm excited about checking this place out:


Kristen said...

I love San Fran. I know you'll also be taking pics outside the former RW house, too, huh?!

D said...

You know it girl and hitting up a west coast H&M :)