Feb 1, 2006

di and i joined a gym last week. we're now dues-paying members of Health-Trax, East Providence. woo. i've already been in a handful of times to work out, and i'm really impressed with the place. very, very clean. well-maintained and top-of-the line equipment, friendly staff, clean locker room and showers, etc. today i had my appointment with a personal trainer. She really didn't tell me a lot of stuff i didn't already know, but she did take my body fat and hydration measurements. well, i've got way too much body fat and not nearly enough water in me. shocker. fortunately, my six months or so of working out with andy (who moved to portland with his wife and daughter last year) has really paid off. he taught me a shitload about how to get a good circuit training regimen down and how to use the weights properly (and even some good nutritional advice)... so basically the personal trainer told me today that I seemed to have a pretty good grasp of the fundamentals and was ready to dive right in. cool. she wants me to do an absolute assload (yes, that is a real word!) of cardio... like 45 min. of it 3-5 days a week. fine, but you just don't look as cool on the elliptical trainer as you do pumping iron in front of a mirror-wall.

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Keagan said...

Sounds good fat boy