Feb 11, 2006

keagan got back from his hajj to mecca recently. it was a great trip, he said. apparently, they were featured on the front page of a saudi newspaper, then taken to qatar and given tours of al jazeera and introduced to dignataries. while he was there, he was cool enough to pick up a few gifts for di and i. he got me a soccer jersey for the saudi arabian national team. it's bright green with a curious mountain design in white on the left front side. very cool. he also go dionne an arabic tea set, which she loves. she now has tea sets from china, saudi arabia and thailand.
keagan also got me a keffiyah, it's a black-and-white checkered cotton scarf that's commonly seen in the middle east and especially palestine. it's my little way of expressing a little solidarity with the palestinians, who are routinely brutalized by the racist, colonialist cartel of israel and the u.s. that's not to say that israeli and u.s. people are all bad, but these two governments have orchestrated a 50-year program of land theft and apartheid. hopefully the resistance will continue and not allow the hilltop youth and the likud zealots and the goons of the IDF and their evangelical christian pimps in the u.s. to win. so don't believe what the u.s. media tells you. the only solution in israel proper, the west bank and gaza is for a single nation made up of arabs AND jews.

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