Feb 12, 2006

keagan got di a purse while he was over in the middle east. it's bright gold with very bright beadwork and these dangly things all over it. it looks good. but the best part of it would have to be the tag... apparently the purse was made in china... it says "MANUFACTURING IN CHINA" in big bold letters. my favorite part would have to be the write-up, though. i can't decide whether it's just bad translation or some sort of beatnik acid trip poetry.
this is EXACTLY how it's written...

"Ming Luo embroadier of the bead Series pursues the tasty to large female and character of a outstanding contribution. The original design did win fine the work to emerge well Ming Luo of bead light treasure spirit with elegant qualities. The high-quality behind is meticulous and respect-work with to persist beautifully. Persist, however not proud complacence. Ming Luo precious companion in anticipation."

I almost want to send Ming Luo a letter suggesting a more english-friendly tag, but i'm not sure if the postman would be able to get my letter to Ming Luo's address, which is, i'm not kidding, listed as the following:
ADDRESS: The north road in liber ation in Guang zhou city god hundred million skin has a layer.

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