Jul 6, 2005

a bunch of right-wing talk radio hacks are going on a "truth tour" of iraq to tell america it's side of the story. yeah, the new york times is ostensibly has a mushy, weak-kneed, neo-liberal POV... and yes the washington post and la times and most other major papers have written cynical stories about iraq... but i still have a hard time swallowing the right-wing line that they're being silenced. the president is on TV every day giving stump speeches (although never actually taking questions) and conservatives are so dominant in washignton right now that their rhetoric is INESCAPABLE. they're not voices in the wilderness anymore.

but anyway, i think it's either laughably naive or incredibly mendacious for a bunch of orange county republicans to paratroop into the green zone and suddenly think they're goddamn edward r. murrow. do these hacks really think average iraqis will validate their own narrow, western-centered ideology? here's an excerpt...

"Morgan, a former television reporter, said she and the others are tired of 'hotel journalists' from 'the mainstream media' who 'sit around in a hotel bar' cribbing other writers' quotes and clips 'so they don’t have to go out and cover the war.'

'We are not going to engage in hotel journalism,' she said.

'If that's what they are going to do, than my hat would be off to them, but that would mean they would have to go around, un-embedded, without military escort,' Jamail who runs a Web blog and has written for the BBC, Asia Times and The Nation, said. 'That would mean talking to ordinary Iraqis.'"

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