Jul 15, 2005

i sometimes have these conversations in my head where i try to figure out something using only the logic and specific information already in my head. basically... i "talk" to myself in my head. i like to think of it more as mental gymnastics than a symptom of schizophrenia. anyway... some asshole broke into di and my (mine? our? ours?) apartment about six months ago. this piece of living, breathing shit only got away with a dell laptop. not a HUGE loss. it left more of a violated feeling than any financial pain. anyway... everyone suggests getting renter's insurance. i thought about it, but i always tried to do some mental math to figure out the probability of my house burning down or everything i own being stolen. accoridng to anxietyculture.com there's only a small chance that my shit will get stolen. ergo, the only the people who should be hoping i get renter's insurance are the soulless muthas in hartford.

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