Jul 24, 2005

sorry for the lack of updates lately. things have been a bit on the hectic side. di had her bridal shower and bachelorette party yesterday. 10 girls hanging out and getting silly together was too much for me to handle, so i high-tailed it outta the house.

luckily, jay (whose fiancee sharon was at di's party) was up for hanging out. we hit the beach for a couple hours. went to narragansett town beach and was really blown away with how nice of a beach it is. his mom hooked us up with the resident passes you need to get in free, so it worked out great.

jay's mom and aunt fed us and then we headed over to his friend greg's beach condo near scarborough beach a few minutes away. plenty of booze-filled madness there... especially when we all got kicked out of some divey beach bar place. hilarious.

tomorrow, i think di's friend alexandra and i are going to hit up block island for the day. her and di are flying down to new orleans in a couple days for a mini-vacation, so di has to work all day and can't go. oh well.

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