Oct 17, 2005

the headband mafia is up in this piece! as you can see, we had a great time friday night at the rehearsal dinner. we all met up at paragon on thayer street for a nice meal, and best of all, an open bar. i got each of my groomsmen a gift: soccer shirts and matching headbands. di thought they would hate the gifts, but i thought they went over well. anyway, the dinner was great. paragon's atmosphere was just excellent and the drinks were top-notch. oh and afterward we somehow managed to stumble over to a couple of bars in my neighborhood. yes, i felt like the death when i woke up the next morning on my wedding day.

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jonzie hope said...

dood, look at those hooligans, we seriously should of crashed a soccer match! I hope you guys had a great honeymoon and your wedding kicked ass! Peace bruv.