Oct 23, 2005

i have to vent a bit about my beloved eagles....

i got a chance to watch them against the san diego chargers today and i have to say... they sucked. yes, they managed to win 20-17, but their offense has continued to play horribly this season. basically, they only won because their defense is playing better than I've EVER seen an iggles defense play and because of a last-minute special teams play (the blocked kick returned for a touchdown.)

the real problem for this team, though, is the offensive scheme. i have this deep, paranoid belief now that the rest of the league is catching up with andy reid's offense. last season, they were putting up A LOT of points on teams by throwing the ball every down and letting T.O. and westbrook break tackles to make big plays. but this season, those plays just aren't gettng broken and teams are letting an obviously-injured mcnabb throw the easy underneath passes, but forcing him into tough plays on third and fourth down. it's not working. the real problem is the lack of a running game. I think andy reid is very smart, but sometimes he's maybe a little too smart for his own good. he's always thought he could beat the system and outsmart EVERYBODY. well, after the last few weeks, i'm not so sure. i enjoy watching a good runnign game, like the one they had three years ago with duce, westbrook and buckhalter together. i miss that part of the game (the eagles only ran 10 run plays the whole game against SD.)

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jonzie hope said...

dood, dont sweat it man, have ya seen my Ravens play lately?