Oct 17, 2005

now we get to the wedding day. we all woke like a bunch of hung-over deadbeats that morning. calabro, one of my groomsmen, still wasn't in providence! his flight the night before had been cancelled and he didn't end up arriving at my house until 3 hours before the ceremony. we all hung out at my place. we all put on our tuxes, but the weather was getting kinda hot. the funniest shit was when calabro puts his tux on and just starts sweating his BALLS off in the tux. i mean, he looked like he just dove in a pool with his suit on. it was hilarious. he eventually towelled down and i gave him a wife beater to put on, which must've helped. and no, john, i don't need that wife beater back. it's cool.
a little while later, loftus mixed us all some pre-wedding ceremony libations... you know, to take the edge off. well, his special recipe, the alaskan thunderfuck (yes, that's the name) was just scary. i don't want to know what he put in that shaker.

i'll continue this little story shortly...

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