Oct 23, 2005

here are some more photos to enjoy....

my new parents-in-law maxine and george, at the reception

the cake that corinne made. she's looking to do more wedding cakes, too. hire her! now!

di and I at the reception

me being goofy in the hotel room during the honeymoon. i'm now the official spokesman for negra modelo beer... "la crema de la cerveza" as we say in mexico.

loftus, hoppo and adrienne during the rehearsal dinner at paragon

alexandra, gabe, keagan and loftus at the rehearsal dinner

my aunti barb, me, my mom, keagan and di at the rehearsal dinner

di and adrienne before the wedding

di and i on our way out of the church looking relieved

the bridesmaids, kristen, alexandra, adrienne and keisha

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