Oct 16, 2005

hi everyone,
sorry it took me so long to post anything on here. i haven't forgotten about you, believe me. there will be MUCH, MUCH more to come about the wedding and honeymoon, including lots of photos...

first things first... i want to thank our parents, mark and marilyn and maxine and george... for not only raising us, but shelling out a small fortune to make sure our wedding and honeymoon were special. we don't take your contributions lightly.
second... thank you to my groomsmen aka "the headband mafia" -- the best man keagan aka "osama bin keagan", john h. aka "hoppo," aka "dj john hopkinz", anton aka "dr. giggles" (we don't really have a nickname for him yet, but we're workin' on it), loftus aka "the lobster" and john c. aka "calabs," aka "lattimer."

yes, we have a positvely bushian love of nicknames around here... all we need is someone named pootie-poot.

anyway, di and i are still gathering all of the billions of digital photos from the rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception and honeymoon. in the meantime, here's a nice shot that di's sister keisha took of us during the reception...

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