Dec 4, 2005

brewing update...

wow it's been a busy two weeks. last weekend jay and i bottled the IPA and racked the porter to secondary. we have REALLY high hopes for the porter, which used a very good liquid yeast strain and lots of specialty grains like chocolate malt (it doesn't actually have chocolate in it, it's basically a slightly roasted barley malt), black patent malt and roasted barley. should be scrumdiddlyumcious.

so the IPA has been in bottles for a week now. i couldnt' resist trying one today while watching the pittsburgh steelers pathetically lose to the cincinatti bengals. it was only slightly carbonated and the maltiness really hasn't coalesced yet, but it has a VERY interesting hoppy flavor to it (we used centennial hops, which are very bitter) and it was just a beautiful color... bright gold and very clear. this is gonna be a good beer, but it's not there yet.

yesterday we bottled the porter. should be so good. i can't wait to try it. we also decided to brew our fifth batch, a basic english bitter (albeit with american hops). we used just basic malt extract and crystal malt (which gives it a nice amber/brown color and plenty of sweetness and a combination of amarillo hops (a very new and trendy hop variety) and mt. hood (a classic pacific nw aroma hop). the best part was that we reused the london ale yeast from the porter. jay checked on it today and said the thing was churning and foaming like crazy. check out da video.

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