Dec 4, 2005

sorry for the lack of posts lately. i've been a bit distracted lately with work and all sorts of other stuff. to update everyone who i haven't talked to in the past few weeks, here's the scoop:

di and i are having a "70s-themed" christmas party at our house on dec. 17. should be a good time. we're gonna have fondue, lots of disco music and cocaine. mounds and mounds of the fine colombian. ok. everything but the cocaine part is true. we've also got the house all decorated with a christmas tree (fake) and plenty of lights. the cat likes to go after the ornaments. (yes! shiny round things!)

at the end of the month dionne and i are going to visit her parents in their new home in nashville, tenn. they just moved there from lakeland, fla. should be fun. pretty much her whole family will be there. this would have had me nervous a few years back, but at this point, we're all on extremely familiar terms. (basically, they know how crazy i am.)

we're going to probably leave on friday morning the 23rd and make the drive straight down there. should be fun.

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