Dec 6, 2005

for those of you not prone to following such trivial or not-so-trivial things, the indianapolis colts are 12-0 in this NFL season, meaning they need four more wins to attain the perfect 16-0 season. no team has ever gone 16-0, although the 1972 Dolphins were a perfect 13-0. i keep asking people if they'd rather see their team go 16-0 or win the super bowl. so far everyone i know has said something like, "all that matters is winning the super bowl." but they say it in this sort of zombie-like way... like they've been indoctrinated by years of NFL marketing. my point: the 16-0 season is a far bigger feat. you may not remember who won the super bowl in 1998, but the first 16-0 season will not be so easily forgotten. a writer at slater had many of the same ideas on this question.

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Anonymous said...

I think a perfect regular season is a more difficult feat, but...being an Eagles fan I WANT A FRIGGIN CHAMPIONSHIP!!!