Dec 15, 2005

you may have heard about this, but the ultra-connected investment company The Carlyle Group is the major investor in the acquisition this week of Dunkin' Donuts. the carlyle group of course appeared unflatteringly in "Farenheit 9/11", but more specifically, it's the company founded by people very, very closely connected to the white house, major fortune 500 boards and the council on foreign relations. i don't mean to sound like a tin foil hat-wearing loon, but i don't like this. when you control the nation's coffee supply, you control the nation! if i'm on the trilateral commission or a member of the illuminati (like tupac!), then i'm thinking of slipping some kind of mind-altering chemical in the coffee... something to make us docile!

the great blog daily kos thankfully has a whole page devoted to the subject. in the meantime, i'm making my own coffee!

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