Dec 18, 2005

well, the indianapolis colts finally lost today, meaning football fans will go yet another year without seeing a team finish 16-0 (the colts made it as far as 13-0 before the san diego chargers beat them this afternoon). anyway, you'll undoubtedly hear many references to the 1972 miami dolphins (the only undefeated team in modern NFL history) and the oft-repeated story that the living members all get together and pop champagne to celebrate the last undefeated team's loss. i heard an espn anchor make a reference to this just a few days ago. well, in reality, it's just an urban legend. don shula himself has said he'd be the first to call the coach of that undefeated team and congratulate him. so if you hear someone mention champagne and the '72 dolphins, tell him or her that it's just a tall tale.

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